Before the citizens of West Paris go to the town meeting on March 3 to vote for, or against, Article 11, they should take the time to read the complex proposed ordinance available at the town office. The ordinance has nothing to do with using marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The proposed ordinance would not be good for West Paris. It dictates who can be on a “Community Oversight Committee” and outlines a complex supplemental report to be used by the committee to oversee the implementation of the ordinance.

It would be an additional cost to taxpayers to cover the potential lawsuits against our town for non-enforcement of the proposed ordinance. If passed, it is not enforceable. County and state law enforcement officers do not enforce local ordinances and cannot disregard state and federal laws.

We are against the use of our town as a guinea pig in a national movement to legalize marijuana. We feel if the laws are to be changed, it needs to be done through the correct process at the state and federal level, not by using small towns such as West Paris to force their initiative and make the the towns marijuana havens.

The Citizens Against Article 11 are opposing the ordinance.

Sandra Poland, West Paris

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