AUBURN – The Child Health Center’s Big Brothers Big Sisters program is honoring Lorraine Dunn as the Lisbon site-based Mentor of the Month for March,.

Dunn has been a Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters site-based program for two years and visits with her Little Sister at P.W. Sugg Middle School.

“I feel blessed that I can help out where I can, and that I can make a difference in another person’s life,” Dunn said.

Spending at least an hour a week with her Little Sister, Dunn helps her with homework, plays games and supports her in personal interests.

“One of the biggest rewards I receive from being a Big Sister in this program is the sharing of time and self. We spend time at school together, but my Little Sister will also ask me to attend something personal of hers, and I know she appreciates it when she sees me at her events,” Dunn said. “My Little Sister is a leader, and I can help her by sharing my life experience. I tell her that it is easier to look back than to look ahead, so my experience in life can be valuable to her future.”

It is Dunn’s hope that her Little Sister will see how her actions affect other people – good or bad. “I tell my Little Sister that we all need to treat others exactly how we want to be treated, and that the one thing that we can control is what comes out of our mouths. I simply want my Little Sister to take responsibility for what she does in the world,” Dunn said. “I really enjoy encouraging her to pursue her dreams.”

Dunn feels that her involvement in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program gave her the chance to be a role model and to give back to her community.

“I love to parent, and my Little Sister knows that I am consistent in seeing her, that I am there for her, and that she can count on me,” Dunn said. “Big Brothers Big Sisters gives people hope. Being a mentor lets these younger people know that people in the community do care for them and their well being, that you are there to support them, and I consider it a privilege to be able to assist others.”

Dunn feels that a thankful attitude goes a long way and that a “ripple effect” is a true thing in life. “Everyone in our community can do something to give back and give thanks,” Dunn said.

She is a graduate of the University of Southern Maine and received a bachelor of science degree in nursing. She has a husband of 28 years, Jim, and two children, Matthew and Katie. In addition to being a Big Sister, Dunn is involved in activities at Lisbon Falls Baptist Church, the after-school Bible Club at Lisbon Community School and at Vacation Bible School. She enjoys reading.

The Child Health Center’s Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Program offers community and site-based mentoring programs that match elementary and middle school aged children with an adult, college student or high school student.

The one-on-one relationships help build a friendship that can positively influence academic performance, attendance and attitude toward school. Anyone interested in becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister should call the Child Health Center at 782-5437 and ask for Big Brothers Big Sisters or send an e-mail to [email protected]

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