ANDOVER – New books have been announced by the Andover Public Library staff.

Adult fiction

“Alexandria Link,” Berry; “B Mother,” O’Brien; “Bad Blood,” Fairstein; “Bubbles All the Way,” Strohmeyer; “Capitol Threat,” Bernhardt; “Castle in the Forest,” Mailer; “Cloud of Unknowing,” Cook; “Deep Storm,” Child; “Double Bind,” Black; “Edge of Winter,” Rice.

Also, “Exile,” Patterson; “Family Tree,” Delinsky; “Folly and Glory,” McMurtry; “Grave Tattoo,” McDermid; “Hell Hath No Curry,” Myers; “Hide,” Gardner; “High Profile,” Parker; “Innocent in Death,” Robb; “Irish Linen,” Greeley; “Last Look,” Miller; “Manhunting,” Cruise; “Plum Lovin,” Evanovich.

Also, “Puss N Cahoots,” Brown; “Queen of Broken Hearts,” King; “Ravenscar Dynasty,” Bradford; “Rivers Edge,” Blackstock; “Sisters,” Steel; “Step on a Crack,” Patterson; “Successor,” Frey; “Suspect,” Lescroart; “Treasure of Khan,” Cussler; “Watchman,” Crais; “Web of Evil,” Jance; “We’re All in This Together,” King; “When Darkness Falls,” Crippando; “When the Light Goes,” McMurtry.

Adult nonfiction

“52 Weekend Makeovers,” Taunton Press; “Aduacity of Hope,” Obama; “Checklist: What You and Your Family Need to Know,” Alvarez; “Child of the Jungle: The True Story,” Kuegler; “Complete Crochet Techniques and Projects,” Lo; “Doc Halligan’s What Every Pet Owner Should Know,” Halligan.

Also, “Everything Accounting Book,” Cagan; “Ice Museum to Shetland Germany Iceland,” Kavenna; “Let Justice Roll Down,” Perkins; “Peterson’s Large Print Eastern Birds,” Peterson; “Strange Son,” Iversen.

Easy/junior/young adult

“Care and Feeding of Sprites,” Black; “Flower Power,” Kirk; “Forever in Blue,” Brashares; “Have You Seen Christmas,” Howie; “Leap,” Breskin; “Leven Thumps/Gateway to Foo,” Skye; “Leven Thumps/Whispered Secret,” Skye; “Size 14 is not Fat Either,” Cabot; “Thunder Bunny,” Berger; “Tower of Shadows,” Bowling; “True Story of Stellina,” Pericoli.

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