One of my proudest moments was when I sat with this girl at lunch.

Every day she would sit by herself as if nobody noticed her. They would either make fun of her or talk about her and even laugh about her. There was no need for that. I know she is different but I’m different too. She should not have to go through that every day.

One day I felt bad so I ended up sitting with her at lunch. it was interesting because we talked and she had a smile on and I have never really seen her smile at all. She was happy and not alone for lunch. For once I think she enjoyed eating lunch and having someone to talk to.

I would keep sitting with her for a couple of days. Then I finally got at least three of my friends to sit with us. She was so happy. It made me feel proud and honored because I think I helped her out and made her feel comfortable and having a friend.

Now she is in high school hopefully doing good and having someone there. I wish I could be but we’re in different schools.

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