Because of varying interests within the school community, I decided to take a different route towards “Saints Silver Screen” this week. Instead of just a blurb about the movie and then 4 students’ opinions, three students have been asked to explain about different movies in their own words. I hope this is found to be just as enjoyable!

Ghost Rider

By Joel Martin • Senior

An Evil Kneivel of sorts is the main character who signs his life away to the devil in exchange for his father’s health and as a result he must become the devil’s bounty hunter. After deciding to take back his life and win back his true love, Roxanne, the real action begins.

Good Action, but the monologues ran a little long.

4 out of 5 stars

Music And Lyrics

By Chris Emery • Sophomore

A washed up 1980’s pop singer is asked by a famous singer to write a song for her. When he has a mental block, the lady that waters his plants starts coming up with lyrics. As the movie progresses they fall in love and finish the song for the singer.

The movie was okay. There were a few funny parts and the story line was good.

3 out of 5 stars

Because I Said So

By Krysten Applegate • Senior

The Mom wants to find her daughter, Milley, a life partner so that she doesn’t end up alone, so she begins to interfere in her daughter’s life. However, in the end they both find love and everything works out.

It was amazingly funny. I loved it.

Perfect 5 stars

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