There are 156 nations looking the other way while another genocide is being committed, right before our eyes, similar to the one committed by the Nazis in Germany during World War II.

Not only genocide, but rape and religious brainwashing. Not a pretty picture. We must open our eyes to what is happening in parts of the Sudan in Africa.

Our world is turning its back on the greatest massacre since those perpeturated by Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin. According to reports on the Catholic Cable Network, the government of Khartoum has killed a minimum of 300,000 people since the genocide began. There is so much killing, the Sudanese people must think that bombs, rape and killing is a way of life.

Hundreds of thousands have become refugees.

Why the brutality? We believe the cause is oil and religion.

America is too involved in protecting our own interests in Afghanistan and Iraq to help, but why aren’t the other 155 or more nations of the world helping? The answer is selfishness, greed and oil, or the old but stale philosophy of survival of the fittest.

We have a United Nations doing nothing, and an ineffective NATO, both probably compromised by other motives.

Woe to all of us for not helping our brothers and sisters.

Charles and Diane Doyon, Lewiston

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