What do players say right before a fight?

Sue Gagnon

I don’t really say much, it’s more a spur of the moment. At faceoffs, I tell them, if they go with the better players on my team, they have to deal with me.

Danick Hudon-Paquette

Most of the guys I fight it’s ‘Do you want to go? Might as well.’ It’s nothing really serious.

Some guys, they take it serious, but most of the guys, have fun with it.

Triston Manson

How does it feel to have to sign autographs for fans your own age and even older?


It’s great to have support from everybody, whether they’re five-years-old, 20-years-old or older. We need everyone of them as fans, and I’m very happy and proud to do it. If that’s what makes him or her happy, it’s a pleasure for me to do it.

Kevin Marshall

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