Parents should pay attention to the video games their children are playing. Do parents really know the ratings of those games? Some of the games might be rated higher, or lower, than the parents’ standards.

The parents might choose a video game and not even look at the rating on the box, or they might go on the Internet, and the video game might be rated higher or lower than shown on the box.

It is by opinion that the games are rated. They should just put a recommended rating, not a solid one. There is not enough information that proves that video games affect people so much, it makes them shoot someone.

This is why parents should look at the video game, and do a little research about it, even renting it and playing it themselves. It’s only opinion, not a solid rating based on evidence someone researched for a long time. Parents should go and check their children’s video games, and ensure they know the game is appropriate for their children.

Brandon Daigneault

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