This is in response to letters to the editor about elderly drivers that we’ve read recently in the Sun Journal.

Some people would like to see the elderly hang up their car keys. We’ve wondered why. Is it because the elderly drive too slow for some people? Is it because they don’t go over the speed limit? That they stop at traffic lights when the lights turn yellow and then red, come to a full stop at stop signs, and obey all traffic laws of the road?

Do people who get behind a slower, elderly driver ever stop to think that they will be elderly one day, and a younger, less patient person will be blowing his or her horn at them, and will be cussing them out because they are in his or her way?

Just because a person drives from point A to point B way over the speed limit, without having an accident or getting a ticket, doesn’t make that person a good driver. We certainly don’t think so. It just makes them lucky.

Showing courtesy on the road, and being decent to other drivers, is what makes for good drivers.

George and Joan Blaisdell, Sabattus

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