LISBON – Families and friends of third- and fourth-grade Drama Club students and fifth- and sixth-grade Jungle Band performers at Lisbon Community School journeyed into a “jungle” on Feb. 9, 10 and 11.

The stage was transformed into a theatrical learning environment for cast and crew of this year’s production of Disney’s “The Jungle Book.”

“Students enthusiastically embraced the lessons in friendship and the importance of the bare necessities in life,” said the show’s producer, Monica Millhime.

Students engaged in song and dance under the voice and stage savvy of music and artistic director Laurie Adams, a third-grade teacher at school.

Students from all classes were invited to the in-school performances. All three shows were sold out, accommodating the cast and crew, family, friends, and residents of the community.

Main characters were Eric Yim, Mowgli; Rebekah Nida, Bagheera; Molly Nicholson, Baloo; Arianna Kahler, Shere Khan; Ashley Marconi, Kaa; Andrew Keil, Colonel Hathi; and Isaac Carlson, King Louie.

Supporting characters, chorus and Jungle Band members included Colleen Adams, Michaela Bedell, Nate Bergeron, Cameron Bernier, Hannah Berube, Samantha Bolduc, Cote Brauneis, Ryan Brewer, Alyssa Briglio, Allison Bubar, Hannah Budesheim, Cody Campbell, Courtney Campbell, Roxanna Carlson.

Also, Jack Caron, Paula Caron, Megan Carter, Stevie Charest, Ashley Conrad, Skye Cribbin, Robert Dall, Megan Desrosiers, Damon Douglas, Alyssa Finlay, Austin Fournier, Trevor Gagnon, Riley Galipeau, Abigail Gamache, Rebecca Garcia, Erika Gardner.

Also, Corey Harvey, Austin Hildonen, Tarra Hubert, Lillian Johnston, Alexa Lachance, Markis Larrivee, Courtney Lawrence, Olivia Leduc, James Martin, Michelle Martin, Taylor Martin, Jonathan Melnick, Taylor Millson.

Also, Charlotte Mooney, Hannah Parton, Ashley Patten, Taylor Plourde, Alexis Rider, Kimberly Rose, Kasey Russell, Breeann Sautter, Hannah Stritch, Victoria Swan, Jaymi Thibault, Morgan Thomas, Ashley Veilleux, Lily Wade and Robert Wood.

Stage hands were Jake Angelico, Sean Ball, Nicholas Harriman, Amanda Hazelton, Desaree Norsworthy and Natalie Thomsen.

Volunteers who assisted were Donna Rimiller, Donna Thiele, Cheryl Gardner, Dorothy Carsley, Tara Grondin, Kevin Curtis, Angel Tibbetts, Karen Dall, Cheryl Carlson, Annette Clark, Tish Cloutier, Florence Gould, Louise Martin, Marjorie Moser, Sara Stelk, Betty Fogg, Ken Thiele, Andrea Fowler.

Also, Marcia Bickford, Lisa Caron, Darin Estes, Janice and Roland Grondin, Jen Labonte, Sandy Wood, Traci Austin, Anne Clayton, Patty Cyr, Crystal Lawrence, Brenda McLean, Stacy White, Jo Martin-Fisher, Bruce and Sheilia Jordan, Karen Nichols, Noland Easler.

Also, Peggi Bineau, Darrell Tudela, Mary Arndt, Karen Dall, Maxine Shane, Meghan Craig, Kathi Yergin, Jim Millhime, Brittany Roldan, Ashley Brewer, Devon Brewer, Sybill and Brent Brewer, Nikkole Gardner, Megan Thiele, Ginny Tolbert, Laura Tolbert, Michelle Huston.

Also, Jenn Willey, Debbi Furrow, Stan Craig, Marcel Charest and Melanie McCarthy, Jim Damsgaard, Sonya Mitchell, Tina Angelico, Nancy Card, Cindy Carter, Irene Gross, Christine Nicholson, Samantha Raymond, Chris Ezzell, Cheyenne Cameron and Keith Bickford. Local businesses also participated.

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