Sen. Hillary Clinton and other liberal Democrats’ reaction to Attorney General Albert Gonzales’ firing of eight U.S. attorneys is ridiculous. According to Fox News, when the Clintons went to the White House, they fired all of the U.S. attorneys and appointed their own. It’s something that is allowed, and legal, for all presidents.

This outcry from the Democrats is unbelievable. Do they really think the voters are so stupid?

President Bush has tried to work with the Democrats. He kept many political appointees from the Clinton administration. It was a wrong move. It’s impossible to work with liberals. President Bush can fire all the U.S. attorneys – legally and politically – as well as all others who were politically appointed.

It seems liberals want it their way, or no way, and forget that half of the country doesn’t think like they do, or believe in the liberal socialist agenda.

These are the same liberals that were on board for the war in Iraq, and are now trying everything in their power to make sure America loses that war. It’s all in the name of politics and power.

And votes.

I sincerely hope there truly is a “right-wing conspiracy,” and it’s not just a figment of Sen. Clinton’s imagination. And I hope it’s as strong as the liberal movement going on in this country.

Otherwise, this country will have a one-party system, like a few other countries.

Mary Jane Newell, Oxford

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