Do we have any chance of losing our status as the highest per capita taxed state in the U.S.? Doubtful. Why? It appears that we have more tax takers, than taxpayers. Start off with all the employees of the state, counties, cities and towns, plus their families.

Secondly, we are advised that approximately one in every five Mainers are on Medicaid. That alone is about 20 percent. I’m sure that every single one of these tax takers are deserving, of course.

None of these people will vote against a Democrat.

Then there are a substantial number of people who still believe that “Democrats are for the little people.” These people simply refuse to listen to both sides of issues. I refer to them as “don’t confuse me with the facts” people.

There are so many ways to cut taxes. We should start off by eliminating at least half of all the legislators. Not only would we stop paying their wages and fringe benefits, but if they are out of office, they won’t write new spending bills.

Did you hear about the legislator from Berwick who offered a bill, LD 226, for taxpayers to pay his mortgage, his car expenses and his utilities? Guess how many bills were presented this year? 2,500.


It’s clear to me that we in Maine will continue to elect socialists – otherwise known as Democrats – for many years, or until we become a bankrupt state.


Marcel Morin, Lewiston

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