It is important for the people of Poland to urge their selectmen to add a warrant article allowing residents to vote on funding the Thompson Lake Environmental Association’s Youth Conservation Program.

I heard at the Otisfield town meeting last year that maybe the town shouldn’t, and that people don’t want to spend public funds to fix up private property on the lake.

My idea would be a vote to put the money toward fixing runoff from town roads, or from town property.

Poland has not funded the program at some times in the past, possibly because there is a feeling that no money was spent on Poland properties. Yet, according to a printout from TLEA, “Summary of projects, by town,” there were several jobs done on Poland property each year, including eight, 21 percent of the total projects, in 2006.

Residents of all towns that make up the TLEA have to look to the future. In years to come, if Thompson Lake gets as polluted as, for example, China Lake or Sabattus Lake, then property owners in each town will have to spend more in taxes because the lake properties will become less valuable, meaning less tax money from lake property. In addition, there would be fewer summer people coming to the area, which means less income for all area businesses.

Funding the program for TLEA benefits the towns, the lake, the residents and the TLEA.

Lynn Robinson, Otisfield

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