LEWISTON – Following are results of the Gritty Brew Pub St. Patrick’s Day Classic held at Mulligan’s Indoor Golf:

Afternoon Session: 1. Dave Kordalski, Pat Kordalski, Ron Morin, Mona Morin, -11; 2. Charlie Witonis, Dan Charron, Lou St. Pierre, Jace Pearson, -9; 3. Chris Albert, Joe Roy, Jim Hood, Larry Michaud, -6; 4. Keith Desjardins, Rich Asselin, Chris Reny, Brian Boucher, -5; 5. Tom Giberti, Tim Witham, Steve White, Tony Towns, -4; 5. Steve Bartlett, Nina Bartlett, Dennis Lee, Jim Sperl, -4; 6. Justin Furthonne, Marty Noyes, Mike Frauten, Steve Fleck, -3.

Evening Session: 1. Ron Leeman, Jeff Freeman, Bill Crane, Ray Roy, -9; 2. (playoff) Dan Lecompte, Louise Lecompte, Dick Lecompte, Daniel Leeman, -5; 3. Rick Trembley, Dave Norcross, Dan Bosse, Mitch Sweetser, -5; 4. Steve Palian, Rachel Jalbert, Charlie Witonis, Ed Lizotte, -2; 5. Steve Foskett, Fabian Labadie, Brandon Leclair, Jace Pearson, -1; 5. John Paradis, Tammy Paradis, Paul Angelides, Rob Angelides, -1.

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