When I first saw the bold headline stretching all the way across the front page, “I don’t want to go back,” I suspected there was more to this story. Recent articles and sports columns show the tendency of the Sun Journal to go to press without all the facts (such as the initial story on the reasons for the firing of the Leavitt Area High School basketball coach). Now, with Dr. Paul Kuritz’s guest column (March 20), I am sure of it.

It seems there may be a hidden agenda here, not only on the reporter’s part, but of the editors who approve such headlines. I truly hope an additional insult does not occur in the event his comrades see or hear of this article and disparage him, without realizing the facts, misquotes and statements omitted or taken out of context.

As a veteran of another unpopular war, Vietnam, I also find it disgraceful that the real story of Spc. James Kuritz’s honor at the Legislature, his combat awards, and dedication to the mission assigned him, were relegated to the second page of the “B” section (only after Kuritz’s column), while the obvious political agenda of the reporter and the Sun Journal’s editors was on the front page.

Shame on the Sun Journal for distorting this decorated soldier’s words for your own agenda.

I salute Spc. Kuritz for his service, as well as his father for standing by his son and exposing the facts of this misleading article.

Al Menard, Livermore

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