Most of us are aware of the cost of prescription drugs, especially those without insurance. Like myself, even with insurance, it is still costly. Some people will have to make a choice to cut back on essentials, just to pay for prescribed medications.

Why does one little pill cost so much? And why, in a country so rich and powerful, cannot the government control the cost of prescription drugs?

I believe the government can, but won’t.

Why? I have read that in the 2004 election, the pharmaceutical industry passed out $17 million in campaign donations to candidates, including $1 million to President Bush and $500,000 to Sen. John Kerry. There were 18 members of Congress who each received more than $100,000.

I believe those candidates were paid off by the drug companies, and it is for that reason the government will do nothing to reduce the cost of prescription drugs. I believe wealthy corporations control the decisions the politicians.

Government works for corporate America, not for the American people.

The arrogance and corruption that this government exercises should make everyone very angry. This government is out of control. We must change the direction of this government by voting. Vote out every one of the do-nothing Congress. Voters pay their salaries; voters must demand action. America is in trouble.

It is time for the people of this once great nation to get back what it has lost: respect and trust.

Pauline St. Pierre, Leeds

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