Now I understand why the state is in a mess: Maine carries one of the highest income tax rates in the country; property taxes are excessive; the Department of Health and Human Service’s $60 million computer system has to be put on the curb for trash pickup, because it appears it doesn’t really work and no one can fix it; one-in-five residents can’t pay for health care, etc.

What is our local representation in Augusta doing? Wasting time and money.

According to the Sun Journal, Elaine Makas, D-Lewiston, is sponsoring a bill so that musician imitators will be scolded (fined) for claiming to be the real thing. How about a legislative body that does the real thing? Like work on fixing far more serious problems.

Maybe Makas and company can put together a task force to roam the local Elks Clubs, Veterans of Foreign Wars hall wedding gigs and bars to make sure no one is claiming to be the Coasters, Platters and Drifters.

That should help taxpayers save a bundle.

Chris Aceto, Lewiston

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