What is security? Who’s secure, and from what? In times past, religion-based morality pervaded the general U.S. (and world) population and spawned a sense of security and self-reliance. People talked with each other in their communities. Trials were truly “by a jury of your peers.” Honesty and openness commonly prevailed. Individual pleasures were not the supreme goal in life, individual integrity, self-reliance and success within society was.

When religion and community values got in the way of ambitious businessmen, politicians and lawyers, they slowly turned the system upside down and stamped out religious and community influences in the name of the U.S. Constitution. “Newspeak” is with us. Some have come to rely on government for everything, and on self for nothing.

As we have learned many times, “To really screw things up and spend money foolishly, let the government do it!” Look at Iraq, look at New Orleans. Then look at so-called Homeland Security.

How safe and secure do you feel now?

Placing more regulations on the books, restrictions on school and public facility access and implementing national ID cards will do nothing to improve anyone’s so-called security.

It will only reduce our freedoms, increase government spending and taxes, and frustrate average people in our society. Politicians will continue to milk the rest of us. They and the terrorists will bypass all rules and obstacles whenever they want. Security and well-being begin with vigilance at home, not in Washington nor Augusta.

Elbert Derick, Wales

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