I’m deeply disappointed that people believe in Al Gore’s theory about the cause of global warming. Gore is a hyprocrite who should practice what he preaches. He owns three homes that use a lot of electricity and flies around in a private jet, yet he says people shouldn’t drive sport-utility vehicles because of the high level of emissions.

Now he is claiming that livestock are major contributors to global warming.

Following the Kyoto Treaty and Al Gore’s plans would kill the country’s economy and cause a loss of jobs.

What caused the end of the last Ice Age? There wasn’t the greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide from humans then. It was God’s creation, the sun, that melted the ice, not something made by man. Climate changes happen every hundred years or so; the Earth cools down and warms up.

Gore, and backers of the Kyoto Treaty, should stop scaring people with tales of how the sky is falling.

Reggie Bechard, Lewiston

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