I am moved to help the victims of heinous sexual assault crimes as reported on in newspapers.

Put ourselves in these kids’ position – having bravely announced in a courtroom the most traumatic and humiliating event(s) of their lives, the most despicable of those details are published in the local newspapers for neighbors, peers, teachers and even storekeepers to know. The name of the victim is not published, but it becomes quite obvious to anyone familiar with the abuser who the story is referring to.

I implore readers – the “owners” of every newspaper – to demand that this ritual stop; stop supporting further traumatization of these brave souls who have suffered too much already. People need to write or tell newspaper editors to make it stop. Time spent would be worth it.

It is important to publish the faces of these sexual perpetrators in the newspaper – shame is good for some things. However, let’s contemplate the nonsensical and severely harmful nature of publishing the gory details of the abuse that occurred. Is it all for the sake of sensation? Just to sell a newspaper? How extremely distasteful this ritual is when thought of in that way.

People can speak up and become part of the prevention of crimes of this nature. Our movement forward from here will actually help future victims come forward and prosecute their abusers.

Chris Davis, Norway

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