This is in response to the story (March 29) about Phyllis Schlafly’s appearance at Bates College. The Sun Journal used the words that she is “a right wing icon.” That begs the question: Has the Sun Journal ever described Eleanor Smeal or Gloria Steinem or Susan Sonntag as “left wing icons?”

I doubt it.

It is really sad that in these troubled times, a woman who stands up for the institution of marriage is so frequently mistreated. Schlafly was not at Bates to “crank up agitation,” as was unkindly written. She was there at the invitation of the Bates College Republicans, and hoping to try to bring balance to the discussion of women’s issues on campus.

The fact is the “women’s liberation” movement took a page right out of the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (The Communist Manifesto, etc.). The communists have always put down the institution of marriage. Thus, also with Smeal, Steinem et al. And millions of women in this country have swallowed that propaganda with disastrous consequences. Children have been turned over to day care centers.

And the nation wonders why there is an epidemic of juvenile drug abuse.

Harvey Lord, South Paris

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