LEWISTON – League news: from Spare-Time Rec:

Friday Night Mixed: American Division, 1. Bad Gagnons, 122; National Divison, 1. The Hogs, 122. High average, male, Scott Grant, 213; female, Missy Gosselin, 165; weekly highs, Bill Gosselin, 258; Dale Heald, 678; Missy Gosselin, 202-502; team weekly high series, Bad Gagnons, 2128.

Odd Couples: Division 1, Pocket Finders, 143 wins; Division 2, Wild Turkeys, 116 wins. High average, male, Bruce Marine, 222; female, Sue Carr, 199; weekly highs, Eric Smith, 265; Bruce Marine, 637; Cathy Bickford, 267-698; team weekly high series, Deliverance, 2439.

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