These are some personal thoughts on the Condor military operating area allowing flights to operate as low as 500 feet above ground level: As a former crewmember, who survived 100 combat missions flown against the ground and air defenses of North Vietnam, I know that combat pilots need realistic training flights on a recurring basis to remain proficient. Training at low levels over land is part of part of the necessary operating envelope for many reasons.

Military history is filled with examples where the tide of battle turns in favor of the side with the best trained and led soldiers/sailors or airmen, often prevailing against better armed and more numerous opponents.

As for the “not in my backyard” argument, or the “let them train someplace else” idea, consider there are few, if any, other suitable areas over land in the entire northeastern United States. The Condor airspace is a sparsely populated area with only a few small villages outside of Rumford. The idea that someone’s “solitude” might get disturbed once or twice a week pales when compared with the necessity of providing essential training which might just enable our pilots to shoot down the next low-level hijacked aircraft before it reaches its target.

It sounds as if some of us are willing to “support our troops,” but only so long as the effort doesn’t disturb our solitude.

Remember, “jet scream,” as you call it, is the sound of freedom!

Richard Grover, Mason Township

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