Beijing Olympics organizers propose to crack down on awkward, Chinese-inflected English, admitting that many of the city’s billboards and road signs are an embarrassment. Two words, World Series organizers: Tim McCarver.

Bull market

The New York Red Bulls of the MSL reportedly are negotiating with Brazilian soccer star Edmundo. He’s 36, and nobody’s sure how much game is left in his tank. Hey, when your name is as cool as ‘Edmundo,’ does it really matter?

Memory lane

Sidney Crosby and Joe Thornton finished one-two in the NHL scoring race. Maineiacs fans proudly say they watched Crosby when. Bruins fans reluctantly toast Thornton and reminisce about professional hockey.

Forgive and forget

Minnesota’s Board of Appeals voted to erase a felony cocaine possession charge from NFL great Jim Marshall’s criminal record. Hey, after the Vikings’ Love Boat scandal two years ago, Marshall is considered a saint.

Oh yeah? Well . . .

Some local dude played a round of golf with Masters champion Zach Johnson. Once, my cell phone went off next to the 14th green in the final round of the Maine Open. Two veterans of the Hooters Tour gave me a dirty look. So there. I win.

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