A French laboratory will test Tour de France winner Floyd Landis’ backup urine samples for performance-enhancing drugs. Just wondering how they store “backup” urine samples. On a clipboard? Wrapped in an officially licensed team windbreaker?

Jackie is just alright

More than 150 major leaguers will wear No. 42 today in honor of Jackie Robinson Day. Way to cheapen the tribute, guys. If Al Gore wears a global warming awareness pin to the Oscars, does that mean Steve Buscemi has to wear one, too?

Lies, damned lies, statistics

Headed into Saturday’s title defense, WBA heavyweight champ Nikolai Valuev was three wins away from tying Rocky Marciano’s record of 49-0. Yeah, and Sanjaya is one Top 40 hit away from tying the Grateful Dead, too.

But wait, there’s more

Some viewers missed Vancouver’s game-winning goal in the fourth overtime against Dallas this week when an infomercial replaced Versus’ broadcast of the game. Nothing like staying up until 2:30 a.m. and being greeted by those two dudes from Air Supply.

Poolish decision

Two freshman swimmers were arrested and dismissed from the University of South Carolina team for streaking through their neighborhood. Had it been the University of Southern California, nobody would have noticed.

Wrecks and effect

NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip walked home without waiting for police after wrecking his road vehicle early Saturday morning. Waltrip said that he wasn’t drinking. Maybe he was afraid the cops would discover a mysterious fuel additive.

Forgive and forget

Minnesota’s Board of Appeals voted to erase a felony cocaine possession charge from NFL great Jim Marshall’s criminal record. Hey, compared to the Vikings implicated in the “Love Boat” scandal two years ago, Marshall is a candidate for sainthood.


The Orioles have placed Jaret Wright on the disabled list with a shoulder injury. Didn’t they follow up with the Yankees after reading the CARFAX report?

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