How many more times is President George W. Bush going to be allowed to bungle before we fire him? He has done the most miserable job of commander-in-chief, and he is by far the worst president I’ve ever seen in my 72 years on this earth.

He has lied and messed up so many times – I can’t keep up with his blunders.

The Katrina foul up is one of many. There are people still waiting for housing, while the house trailers are still sitting in a field waiting for the red tape to clear. And some of the funds that were supposed to go to Katrina victims still have not gotten there. No one is keeping track of the money.

We have heard about the terrible conditions that our wounded troops are putting up with at the Walter Reed Army Hospital. It’s a disgrace. The men deserve the very best of care. I am a Vietnam veteran and was exposed to Agent Orange, and I never got the best of care, either.

There is no excuse for the lack of decent care at Walter Reed Army Hospital. More than $550 billion has gone into the war so far, and our soldiers don’t get proper care.

It is time to clean house in Washington, starting with the impeachment of Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Then we can start getting our country back, before it’s too late.

George and Joan Blaisdell,


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