Word of the week: “obverse.” It is the term for the “heads” side of a coin, the side that bears the coin’s principal design. The “tails” side of a coin is (most sensibly) called the “reverse.”

At the trials for the 1948 London Summer Olympics, world-class American hurdler Harrison Dillard failed to qualify for the hurdles event, but did qualify (barely) for the 100-meter dash, not his specialty. Nevertheless, Dillard won the gold for the 100 meters, equaling the world record. (Thanks to Joe Dirkx of Pleasanton, Calif., for the info.)

At the beginning of the third Austin Powers film, a “movie within a movie” is being filmed about Austin Powers’ life, with Tom Cruise portraying the title character (Mike Myers). Who is directing Tom Cruise in this film?

A) Clint Eastwood

B) Steven Spielberg

C) Jabba the Hutt

D) Oliver Stone

Friday’s answer: Chomolangma, the Tibetan name of Mount Everest, means “mother of the universe.”

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