Words are so powerful in themselves, I have finally learned that I need not accentuate them with emotions, unless I’m writing poetry, or acting in a play. If I’m writing an article for the newspaper, I want people to listen to the truth of what I am trying to say, and not my emotions.

And then, of course, my understanding of truth changes as I experience life. This novel idea of being temperate in my words came to me from my husband – OK, I’ll leave my husband out of this. In public speaking, or writing, charity must take precedence.

Someday I may vote for a woman to be president, if of course, they have eliminated all men from the running. However, I do not have a need to see women in a leadership role, nor do I in any way want us to be overlooked, as painful as that is. I definitely do not have a desire or need to see women as a sexual object in the media or anywhere.

As a woman, I don’t mind being emotional, vulnerable, weak and insecure. I get jealous easily, sometimes judge too harshly, and I need my husband to help me find temperance, or to find truth – there I go again, talking about him. Maybe I better stick to creative writing and stay out of politics. But I am going to think very carefully about who I vote for to lead our country.

I’ll never vote for Sen. Hillary Clinton, sorry.

Holly Perron, Sumner

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