LEWISTON -Playoff schedule:

Wednesday, May 2: BB Division: 20M Wingers at Andy’s Sharks; Webber Sand Baggers at Bums In The Park at Pastime Club. B Division: Pastime Full House at New Auburn Social; Rack-M-Up Pocket Rockets at Little Joe’s Dirty Sanchez; Eagles 618 Flying Eagles at Derby’s We’re Next; Warden’s Jail Breakers at Schemengee’s Break Stuff. Losing team has a bye until May 9. CC Division: Derby’s Bad Boys at American Legion Just Trying; Pastime Dream Team at Warden’s Lifers. C Division: Buddy T’s Mis-Q at Club Texas River Pirates; Andy’s Bulldogs at Club Texas Goat Roapers.

Thursday, May 3: BB Division: Pastime Skrubs at Pastime Show Me The $$$; Winner Sharks-Wingers vs Winner Bums In Park-Sand Bagger. B Division: Buddy T’s Shorthanded at Winner Misfits-Full House; Acme Club Bomb Squad at Winner Dirty Sanchez-Pocket Rockets; Lewiston Elks Duffers at Winner We’re Next-Flying Eagles; Pastime Surprise at Winner Break Stuff-Jail Breakers. CC Division: Derby’s It Don’t Matter at New Auburn Social Ball Breakers; Winner Just Trying-Bad Boys vs Winner Warden’s Lifers-Dream Team. C Division: American Legion America’s Team at South End Social Bench Warmers; Winner River Pirates-Mis-Q at Winner Bulldogs-Roapers.

Following are week 16 standings in the Independent Pocket Billiards League:

Division B

Break Stuff 102 58

We’re Next 97 63

Past-Time Surprise 89 71

Misfits 84 76

The Duffers 84 76

Full House 82 78

Dirty Sanchez 81 79

Pocket Rockets 75 85

Flying Eagles 72 88

Short Handed 71 89

Bomb Squad 62 98

Jail Breakers 61 99

(40-Week: Paul Ouellette, Tim Smith, Tim Webster, Mike St. Pierre, Bing Noyes. 8-Ball Runout: Mike Dupris, Cliff Boucher. Shutouts: Dan Dostie. Players of Week: Paul Ouellette, Bing Noyes.)

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