Nancy slowly climbed off the school bus for the last time as a seventh grader. She was not looking forward to the long summer home alone. She would rather be at school with her friends and learning new and interesting things. Many-a-times she has thought about how wonderful year round school would be, she had it all planned out, half a day every Wednesday, and a two week vacation ever other month. I think that we should have year round school because, students wouldn’t “forget” as much as they do over summer vacation, it is easier for the parents, and children will most likely have a higher academic performance.

First, students wouldn’t “forget” over summer vacation. In the first several weeks teachers have to reteach the basic information students must know before they pick up where they left off. Nancy was still confused about multiplying large numbers and when she got back to school in September, and they were now going to move on and you have to know how to multiply to do anything in math. So, going over old information quickly, leaves kids, who were already confused even more confused. Also children who speak a different language at home don’t get the practice speaking the schools’ language that they need to learn.

Next, it is easier on the parents, because with 45 days of school and a 15 day break there is no time to get “bored” during vacation. 79% of students liked year round school more than regular school in their first year of school. That way it wouldn’t be as hard to get the students to school. Nancy’s parents had to worry about leaving her alone all day. Parents wouldn’t have to worry about day care or being home alone.

Finally, most children will have a higher academic performance because learning time would increase. More short vacations would leave the children rested up and ready to learn. Nancy could spend a couple of days at a friend’s and some days at home, and then the vacation would fly by. Don’t forget that there would be more days at school.

Nancy stepped off the school bus for the last time until she was going to school in two weeks. With a couple days at a couple of friends’ houses’ and a couple of days at home alone, then vacation would fly by. She couldn’t believe it, she actually was excited to have vacation. We should have public year round school, cause students wouldn’t have time to “forget” important information. And it would be a lot easier for parents. Remember that it might also help with higher academic performance.

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