Yes, the facts do speak for themselves. (“Raising helmet age for motorcycles is riding safe,” editorial, April 26)

The rest of that study quoted in that editorial also says this: Motorcycle registrations have risen in Florida by 100 percent since it removed its helmet law – which explains the rise in head injuries. Those wearing helmets in accidents suffered incapacitating injuries 50.27 percent of the time, and 252 died. Those not wearing helmets suffered incapacitating injuries 39.01 percent of the time, and 189 died.

For those who are still a “Doubting Thomas,” go to and click on “DOT Stats.” We must all work together to educate the public.

People should think twice before giving up freedom of choice.

And I also mention, by proclamation of Gov. John Baldacci, May is “Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month.”

Motorcycles are everywhere. All drivers should look twice, to save a life.

Ric Dodge, Portland

Public relations and policy, United Bikers of Maine

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