I live in a liberal state, controlled by the liberals the majority of voters have elected. The media is totally slanted to the left; the schools are overrun with the liberal agenda; and our colleges are reminiscent of the early 1960s when intolerance of anything but the liberal agenda was the norm.

It seems the liberals think the average voter is swayed by their constant and malicious rhetoric against the president and this country.

When the liberal politicians state the “American people have decided,” or “I speak for the American people,” they are not speaking for me. I form my own opinions. I am not controlled by either party, unlike the liberal mindset that is cult-like in its hatred and destructive behavior toward the president and the Iraqi war.

Does anyone believe that liberals want the U.S. to win in Iraq?

Hardly. It would not fit in their political agenda.

Make no mistake, politics are driving the liberals to the extremes I now see them exhibit. The top liberal, Nancy Pelosi, made her choice known when she flew to Syria to fraternize with the enemy.

Who knows, will the liberals be in Iran next?

Mary Jane Newell, Oxford

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