The following are excerpts from actual local Bigfoot sighting reports, filed with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. Excerpts were taken directly from the reports and, except for removing expletives, have not been edited.

When: July 2001

Where: Near Lower Richardson Lake, close to Andover

“I heard the most unnatural sounds of my life. My eyes are welling up just writing this.

I was in my tent the first night it happened. I had a new microlight one man tent. It was basically just big enough to lie down in. I had just finished eating a fire-warmed MRE, when the noises began. It started to rain, and I heard, down by a pond about forty yards away or so beneath the logging road, the deep groaning/barking noise. I thought: It’s a moose..or a wolf? No… I got really scared. I bring a Beretta 9mm with me when I camp alone, and let me tell you, I had white knuckles and a round in the chamber after that started up!

Anyway, after about two minutes of these ugly, scary, deep groaning noises, it stopped. What gets me still, to this day is the fact that some of the sounds reminded me of recordings that I have heard on old shows about Bigfoot (Leonard Nimoy narrated?).”

When: August 1999

Where: Near Rt. 11 in Poland

“My brother-in-law was turning off rt. 11 onto the raymond road when he said ‘do you see that?’ and I said what and he said ‘that big hairy thing in the bushes!’ It was off to the left about 100 feet in the woods and big and hairy, I mean real big. We only caught a glimpse of in the headlights. This is more comon than you may think, people up hear see this stuff often but the locals keep it quiet.”

When: July 1998

Where: Off Rt. 16 in Wilson Mills (upper Oxford County)

“It was before 4:00 p.m. We were riding in a truck, my friend driving and the two boys in the middle and I was on the passenger side. We came out of what I would call a wooded area at the top of a small hill….We both saw it at the same time. He looked at me immediately and said ‘what did you just see’, I looked at him and without even thinking and said ‘saskatchewan’.

What we saw was something unimaginable. The creature (?) was standing on two legs, was very tall (approx. 7 feet), skinney and was totally covered with long brown hair/fur….It took it probably three strides to cross the dirt road, which was wide enough for two vehicles. It’s gait was very stoic. We got down to the bottom within seconds, we slowed right down almost to a stop and looked into the woods. There was nothing in there.”

When: October 1996

Where: Off Rt. 4 in Turner

“My freind Tom and I were going to a club in Turner Maine and took a back road to save time. The radio was turned up and we were just driving when we passed a very hairy animal standing upright on the side of the road. The height I estimate to be at least 6’0 and the weight approximetly 200lbs. I immedietly looked at tom who in turned looked at me and stated that he also had just seen something. It looked like it was about to cross the road. When we got to the club we told some people what we had seen and they said that others have also seen something in the area and even had a name for it. Loopgaroo.”

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