Noon, FSNE

If nothing else, here’s another chance to watch that hilarious street brawl where Holmes pulls the “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka maneuver onto the late Trevor Berbick’s head.

Classic College Football: Penn State vs. Miami, 1987

2 p.m., ESPN Classic

Vinny Testaverde was just getting started throwing interceptions. Joe Paterno was already federal retirement age.

NBA Finals Films: Pistons vs. Lakers, 1989

3 p.m., ESPN

Why can’t they ever show the vintage 1970s stuff with the afros, mullets and “Midnight Express” theme music?

MLB: Red Sox at Blue Jays

7 p.m., NESN

They’re in Canada. Maybe Dice-K will get confused, think it’s the World Baseball Classic and turn things around.

MLB: Rangers at Yankees

7 p.m., ESPN

Tune in and find out what geriatric ode to desperation shows up in the owner’s box tonight.

NBA: Warriors at Jazz, Game 2

9 p.m., TNT

Utah moves another step closer to the Finals, putting John Amaechi in the awkward position of rooting for Jerry Sloan so he can sell more books.

Boxing: Adrian Diaconu vs. Rico Hoye

9 p.m., ESPN2

Rather than crack the obvious joke about Rocky’s deceased wife or Spanglish rap one-hit wonders, I’ll simply give thanks that this fight won’t cost me $54.95.

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