For some reason, the warm weather makes me think clearer. And that’s when my boss makes me spend the whole day indoors and put those thoughts into a column:

• The Red Sox are off to a terrific start and there’s a lot to like about this team. But there is at least one nagging concern. I said it before the season and I think it’s been proven through the first 32 games – Julio Lugo is NOT a leadoff hitter. It’s nice to have his speed at the top of the lineup, but a career .339 on-base percentage isn’t exactly going to stir up comparisons to Rickey Henderson. As much as this offense depends on David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez, it is critical that they have someone at the top of the lineup that gets on base at least 37 or 38 percent of the time.

• Tommy Heinsohn will be representing the Celtics at the draft lottery on May 22. Bad as I want to see Boston get one of the first two picks, the mind races with comic possibilities of Tommy’s reaction if David Stern opens the envelope for the No. 8 slot and pulls out a card with the Celtics’ logo.

• If the Celtics end up drafting Greg Oden and Doc Rivers survives all of next season, I’m guaranteeing that he will set a new record for fouling out. The Celts’ perimeter defense under Doc is so porous that Don Meineke’s 54-year-old record of 26 disqualifications in a season will be broken by March.

• Yankee fans getting indignant over an umpire blowing a call against them still cracks me up. If Jeffrey Maier so much as sighs whenever it happens, somebody should pop him in the mouth.

• What’s the Maineiacs parade route going to be? Since Auburn will be offended if they’re not included, I propose starting it at the top of Goff Hill, head east over the Longley Bridge, right onto Park St. (okay, that’s where our offices are, sue me), left onto Pine St., right onto Bartlett St., left onto Birch St. and into the Colisee parking lot, where our heroes will be greeted by the Lewiston High School band playing “Brass Bonanza” and a cooler of assorted, non-alcoholic beverages.

• If you ever take on Tracy McGrady in a game of HORSE, you stand a better chance at winning if you spot him the H-O-R.

• The best series in the NBA playoffs right now is the one no one either can or wants to stay up to watch, Golden State-Utah. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the star power of the other three series, although Utah’s Carlos Boozer should be at least mentioned in every MVP debate.

• Looks like there’s a chance Barry Bonds could be close to breaking the home run record when the Giants come to Fenway next month. I doubt the Giants will let him do it anywhere away from home, least of all an American League city. If he does, though, I wish Boston fans would just stay silent when it happens. Don’t cheer. Don’t boo. Don’t do anything. That would be the perfect statement for fans to make on the new, fraudulant home run king.

• Bonds never admitted to knowingly using steroids (Remember, he thought it was flax seed oil, wink, wink) and never admitted to cheating on his wife or his taxes. So for a guy who gets so indignant whenever he’s misquoted or taken out of context by the media, Curt Schilling sure has a way with putting words into other people’s mouths, doesn’t he?

• He’s not the only one, unfortunately, because here’s a correction from Tuesday’s column. It was Roger Clemens’ mother, not his wife, who said the Boston fans treated him worse than Hitler.

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