Soccer star Freddy Adu was hit in the head by a golf ball while playing a round with teammates. Remarkably, he redirected the ball into the hole, and Real Salt Lake was credited with a 1-0 lead in tonight’s game with Colorado.

Moooon Rivvvverrrrr

The Milwaukee Brewers gave away two free tickets to any fan willing to undergo a free prostate exam in a mobile home clinic outside Miller Park. Yankee fans don’t see what the big deal is. Some guy named Eddie offers to do the same thing on the Bronx subway before and after every game.

Don’t drink the water

Chinese authorities have warned visitors to the 2008 Beijing Olympics not to drink tap water while they’re there. They added that the water at the Olympic village will be safe for drinking, so the athletes won’t have to order out for beverages when taking their “vitamins.”

What about doctor-patient confidentiality?

Investigators in baseball’s steroids probe are trying to get the medical records of Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro. Not to aid the investigation, but to put on display at the new pharmaceutical wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Read the label, Papi

David Ortiz told the Boston Herald that he’s not 100 percent certain he’s never taken steroids, saying that when he was a young player in the Dominican Republic, he used to drink protein drinks and wasn’t sure what was in them. Doesn’t that go for pretty much anything you can drink in the Dominican Republic?

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