LYMAN – Following were the top 3 finishers in each division at the MMS Motocross Race held May 6 at MX-207 in Lyman:

125cc Amateur, Craig Michaud, Blaine Hopkins, Dana Gray; 125cc Expert, Seth Taylor, Albert Elliot, Adam Zink; 125 Novice, Nicholas Breton, Michael McNamara, Nick Campbell; 125 Youth Amateur, Michael Kimball, Casey Myrick, Chris Lunt; 125 Youth Expert, Dana Gray; 125 Youth Novice, Nicholas Breton, Wyatt French, Chris Cram.

250 Amateur, Blaine Hopkins, Craig Michaud, Daryn Peterin; 250 Expert, Seth Taylor, Rich Rogers, Albert Elliott; 250 Novice, Adam Davis, Nick Campbell, Justin Sawyer; 30+ Amateur, David Pratt, Marc Blais, Arthur Hartford; 30+ Expert, T. Ryan Kaichen, Kevin Fleury, Grant Carter; 30+ Novice, Matt Gendron, Justin Howes, Ken Howes.

40 Amateur, Arthur Hartford, David Fredette, Randy Teixeira; 40+ Expert, Jojo Keller, Randy Petrin, James Read; 40+ Novice, Leslie Pepper, John Micucci, Jody Persson; 50cc 7-9, Reid Lanpher, Alex White, Marc Thibodeau; 50 Open, Reid Lanpher, Alex White, Marc Thibodeau; 50 Pee Wee, Jack Morin, Tyler Campbell, Jacob Gonsalves.

65 Open, Aaron Zielfelder, Paul Mason, Hunter Williams; 65 Amateur, Paul Mason, Nicholas Elicier, Hunter Williams; 65 Expert, Aaron Zielfelder; 65 Novice, Joshua Gauthier, Joey Quirion, Daniel Strewart; 85 Amateur, Douglas Coulstring, Zack Williams, Tony Landry; 85 Expert, Bubba Fick, Eric Grondahl.

85 Novice, James Allen, Cody Parker, Cole Boggs; Jr. Mini 7-11, Nathan Tozier, Ryan Petrin, Dexter Turner; Open Amateur, Alex Murphy, Daryn Petrin, Danny Stuart; Open Novice, Justin Sawyer, Adam Davis, Branden Skilling; Super-Mini, Bubba Fick, Eric Grondahl, Douglas Coulstring; Vet Open, Jojo Keller, Grant Carter, Kevin Fleury; Women’s Class, Sade Allender, Brooke Lawrence, Courtney Burnham.

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