It seems to me that Elmer Berry, chairman of the Androscoggin County Commission, is really on a power trip.

To rebuff public comments, and threaten to have the sheriff “ejected,” as what occurred during a meeting on May 2, seems like a move that someone who knows he is wrong would make. Any legal opinion is open to interpretation, so the fact that attorney Bryan Dench concurred that Berry is acting correctly is not necessarily correct.

Berry may be able to silence the people at the commission meetings, but he cannot silence the power of the press. Citizens of Androscoggin County should demand Berry resign.

County commissioners who do not realize the need for an additional deputies, in my opinion, do not have the ability needed in this day and age to be responsible for making an informed decision.

As far as not hearing what the people had to say, and threatening to have the sheriff ejected, Berry should learn to act like an adult.

Angelo Giberti, Lewiston

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