Dear Sun Spots: I have seen over and over again in your column various nonprofit agencies that do so much for people in need. Are there any local agencies that would utilize quilting fabric and supplies? I have seen project Linus mentioned numerous times, but they seem to be looking for blankets already made. A program that assists families coping with cancer would be most ideal, but any and all information will help. Thank you in advance, and thank you for such a great community-based column. – C.W., Lewiston.

In addition to responses from readers and other than Project Linus, Sun Spots is not aware of any. However, you might consider contacting Lucretia Rand at 583-6622.

Dear Sun Spots: As the date for Lewiston High School’s Class of 1967 reunion approaches, we have a few classmates who have moved or we never had an address for them.

The reunion will be held at the Martindale Country Club on Aug. 18, starting at 6 p.m. Anyone with information can please e-mail the class e-mail address at [email protected] with updates or call any of the following committee members, Paul Labbe 786-3684, Peter Longley 576-0123, Ron Paradis at 576-2150 and Dwight Webb at 782-3611. We can be contacted directly with updates. Many thanks for your assistance.

We are looking for: Claire Adams; Pauline T. Ayotte; Diane C. (Banaitis) Clark; Carmen F. (Bard) Sawyer; Claire L. (Belanger) Pelletier; Linda H. (Benoit) Landry; Janine V. Bernier; Linda D. (Bikulcius) Matthews; Rachel A. (Blais) Danner; Lorette N. (Boisvert) Higgins; Jacqueline D. (Boucher) LeClair; Irene T. (Boucher) Rauscher; Rose M.(Briggs) Wilcox; Nancy E. (Brown) Stump; Claudette T. (Cliche) Sweetser; Linda G. Cotton; Sheila M. (Creamer) Wood; Cynthia J. Croteau; Constance T. (Derocher) Paradis; Lita C. Desanctis; Patricia A. Driscoll; Jo-Ann G. (Dube) Caron; Claire M. (Dubois) Courtemanche; Gaetane G. (Dubois)Morin; Carol R(Dumais) Moskan; Linda J. Duncan;Kathleen (Field) Nadeau; Janine R. (Fournier) Thompson; Jacqueline L. Gauthier; Jacqueline Hallett; Linda J. (Hayman) Ouellette; Rita M. (Houle) Faudi; Kimberly R. Jones; Judith A. King; Rita A. Labbe; Louise A. (Laflamme) Doulin; Irma A. Laflamme; Pauline C. (Landry) Cashman; Diane D. (Landry) Janas; Debra A. (Landry) Lyneis; Carol S. (Larochelle) Bilodeau; Sandra M. (Lebel) Kottman; Eileen I. (Lemay) Tancrede; Eileen E. (Leriche) Garraway; Priscilla J. (Lessard) Lebrun; Patricia M. (Levesque) Mathieu; Linda (Loring) Smith; Doris C. (Maheux) Morin; Kathy D. (Maliar) McManus; Marlene C. Maranda; Catherine F. McLellan; Linda L. (Michaud) Stone; Ilene D. Michaud; Susan D. Moore; Diane A. (Nadeau) Lacasse; Shirley A. (Nelson) Grady; Eileen F. O’Brien; Muriel R. (Ouellette) LeBlanc; Maureen (Parkin) Hazlett; Sarah M. Phinney; Linda A. (Poulin) Scarcelli; Diane I. (Raymond) Ness; Carol A. (Rodrigue) Saucier; Carmen N. Rousseau; Pauline P. (Roy) Durant; Constance E. (Russell) Roy; Doris J. (Sarrasiin) Doucette; Jane H. (Spaulding) St. Pierre; Pamela A.(Theberge) Reid; Lorraine (Thibault) Rose; Cynthia M. (Wing) Clark; Shirley A. Woodward; Michael E. Beaudet; Arthur F., Jr. Beaudoin; Robert L. Bedard; Robert A. Bernier; Michael P. Boisvert; Arthur N. Boulet; Phillip J. Caron; Francis R. Cloutier; Lawrence T. Coffin; Paul B. Conley; Dennis D. Conley; Robert H. Corriveau; Bertrand O. Cote; Phillip D. Cote; Roger L. Deschaine; George E. Dube; Rosaire A. Dubois; Robert J. Dubreuil; Thomas A. Duncan; Robert B. Dutil; Edward R. Engemann; Edward T. Evans; Lenny Feinstein; Richard L. Fuller; Warren G. Galway; Gerard R. Gastonguay; Michael P. Gervais; Robert R. Goding; Daniel R. Goodwin; Robert J. Goulet; Daniel R. Gousse; Stanley R. Groleau; William B. Hachey; Todd J. Jonas; Francis J. Kirk; Ricky E. Kramarz; Daniel R. Lacasse; Marc D. Lachance; Richard L. Lafayette; Laurier A. Lamie; Gerard L. Langlois; Richard I. Luksza; Jeffrey G. Madore; Brian M. Marcotte; Dennis A. Martin; Paul L. Mason; Richie Masse; Richard J. Mathieu; Michael J. McCarty; Paul Mercier; Richard G. Michaud; Ronald R. Morin; Anthony R. Olivier; Bruce E. Pettingill; Bruce Poliquin; Gerald B. Poulin; Normand J. Richard; Michael D. Richer; Roger M. Rivard; Gerard L. Rivard; Ronald Roux; Lawrence T. Silverman; David F. Violette; Dennis M. Williams. – Ron Paradis, No Town.

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