Mad props

Usually, this column makes fun of the sports world. This time, at least for this item, it’s time to step up and give Derek Fisher a round of applause. Considering the circumstances, the Utah Jazz point guard had no business on the basketball court for Game 2 of the team’s playoff series against Golden State. But, he honored his cancer-striken daughter by showing up late to the game and making an impact. Our thoughts go out to the entire Fisher family.

Seau re-ups with Pats

Know when to call it quits, big man. I know you want a ring and everything, but aren’t you like 120 years old or something?

Higher and higher

Ricky Williams tested positive for marijuana again. Shocker, huh? He gets kept out of the leauge, but steroid-mongrel Shawn Merriman wins a sack title after only a four-game suspension. Good job, NFL.

Feeling nosey

Not a good week to be a defending MVP: Last year’s NBA MVP Steve Nash suffered a broken nose against the San Antonio Spurs in Game 2 of their Western Conference semifinal series. Justin Morneau, last year’s American League MVP in baseball, broke his nose on a bouncing ball during a game with Detroit.

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