Hoping to boost ratings, Major League Baseball is going to start the World Series on a Wednesday instead of a Saturday. Makes sense. I’d rather let my kids stay up until midnight on a Wednesday than a weekend.


Bode Miller has quit the U.S. ski team. Not to be confused with the times he quit on the U.S. ski team.

Cat fight etiquette

The wife of Philadelphia Flyers player Mike York was found guilty of assaulting her sister-in-law during a fracas that broke out during a family gathering last fall. Mrs. York probably would have faced a lesser charge if she hadn’t pulled the victim’s blouse over her head during the fracas.

Mickey Mouse outfit

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are hosting the Texas Rangers in a three-game series at Disney World starting tonight in hopes of broadening their appeal in Florida. Tampa Bay players will also be on hand for the dedication of a new ride in the Magic Kingdom. The theme is the Rays winning the World Series, and they’re calling it Never-Never Land.

What about a fireman’s carry?

The New York Jets invited a pair of two-time NCAA championship wrestlers trying out for the team in rookie mini-camp last weekend. The move backfired because coach Eric Mangini had to interrupt practice several times to explain that the crotch lift is not a legal blocking technique in the NFL.

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