Golf: BMW Charity Pro-Am

1 p.m., The Golf Channel

Forget sponsor loyalty and put your money where your mouth is, golfing gazillionaires. Buy a Honda and write a check to charity for the difference.

Ms. Fitness USA

2 p.m., FSNE

Are these health-food junkies who could be Maxim cover models or square-jawed ladies more ripped than Jose Canseco, circa 1988? Because it does make a difference in whether or not I’ll watch.

NASCAR: Nextel All-Star qualifying

6 p.m., Speed

Like watching the Home Run Derby in July. Only less entertaining, even. But without Chris Berman.

MLB: Braves at Red Sox

7 p.m., NESN

May God pour out His wrath on the first suit-wearing studio clown who describes this series as a “possible World Series preview.”

NBA: Cavaliers at Nets, Game 6

7 p.m., ESPN

Even the two vastly superior teams, Cleveland and Detroit, appear uninterested in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

USL Soccer: Minnesota at Miami

8 p.m., Fox Soccer Channel

Go ahead, holier-than-thou soccer fans: Give me the team nicknames without looking them up.

NBA: Suns at Spurs, Game 6

9:30 p.m., ESPN

Which would be easier to list: Steve Nash body parts that aren’t bruised? Or the names of viewers who have stayed up until the end of every game in this series?

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