You’re part of the problem

Yankee reliever Kyle Farnsworth said he’s opposed to the special treatment Roger Clemens is going to get, but doesn’t think it will cause a problem in the clubhouse. Look Kyle, just by opening your mouth, you’ve made it a problem, okay. The New York media will make sure of that..


Georgia cornerback Paul Oliver failed to meet academic standards and has been declared ineligible for the upcoming season. He plans to apply for the NFL supplemental draft next month. Bet he’ll blow off studying for the Wonderlic test.

Experienced movers wanted

Indianapolis city leaders said they are confident they will be able to make a strong pitch to host the 2011 Super Bowl, even though the NFL tends to prefer warm-weather sites. Sources close to the city say the Irsay family is prepared to move the city to Florida in the middle of the night, if necessary.

The only thing we have to fear is Fehr himself

The baseball players’ association has filed grievances over the suspensions of Seattle Mariners pitcher Julio Mateo and Arizona Diamondbacks infielder Alberto Callaspo, who were both recently arrested in separate domestic violence incidents. First it protected steroid users, now the MLBPA is protecting wife-beaters. Donald Fehr is one classy guy.

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