Amid a controversial finish, the Vancouver Giants have taken their second victory of the Memorial Cup with a win over the Lewiston Maineiacs, 2-1, after a scrum in front of Tyson Sexsmith as time wound down ended witrh the puck in the net and bodies all over the place. The Maineiacs’ loss is their first since Game 4 against Halifax.

The clock shows zero, but there will be time added to the clock after a giant scrum in front of Sexsmith. It appeared as though a Vancouver skater covered the puck in the crease, and the puck then ended up in the net. The question is when, and when the whistle blew.

Icing against Vancouver. Faceoff to Sexsmith’s right. Nine seconds to play.

14.1 seconds to play in the third: The Maineiacs down to their last gasp. Faceoff outaside the zone to the far right of Sexsmith.

52.8 seconds to play in the third: Lewiston has a faceoff to Sexsmith’s left. Clem Jodoin has called his team’s only timeout to refresh the players on his top line, and perhaps to draw up a play. The crowd is loud. Very loud.

1:00 to play in the third: Jodoin has called Bernier to the bench for the extra skater.

2:23 to play in the third: Chad Denny just had his snipe from the center point gloved down by Tyson Sexsmith. Faceoff to the goalie’s left.

4:13 to play in the third: Vancouver has jumped in front on a goal by Wacey Rabbit on a pass from Michal Repik.

4:42 to play in the third: Bernier makes a snap left pad save on Michal Repik. Lewiston looks dead. Vancouver has the jump in its steps right now.

7:42 to play in the third: Lewiston is having a hard time getting through the center zone at all, and the Maineiacs’ legs appear to be sluggish.

9:50 to play in the third: The Maineiacs being back on their heels finally caught up to them. Vancouver parlayed a poor clear by Stefano Giliati into their goal. Giliati tried to spin around Brendan Mikkelson at the left point. Mikkelson stopped him, shot the puck into the middle where it was saved. the rebound came to Mario Bliznak, and his shot was also stopped. Kenndal McArdle finally banged hom the third rebound to even the score.

11:08 to play in the third: The Vancouver Giants have tied the score on a Kendall McArdle goal on the rebound on a Mario Bliznak shot in front of Bernier on the power play.

12:32 to play in the third: Lewiston has failed to score on the PP, and Vancouver will now go a man up after a holding call to Michal Korenko. Lewiston is now 0-for-3 on the PP, while Vancouver is 0-for-3 going into this chance.

16:08 to play in the third: Michal Repik has taken a goaltender interference penalty in a scrum in front of Bernier. Lewiston to the power play.

17:05 to play in the third: The Giants have come out with the same pressure that they had in the second. Lewiston appears content to dump and chase the whole way.

19:23 to play in the third: Back under way, Lewiston again trapped in its own zone.

After 40 minutes, the story is the same as it was after the first stanza — Lewiston continues to cling to a 1-0 lead against a Vancouver Giants team with plenty of chances, but with nothing to show. Vancouver outshot Lewiston 8-4 in the second frame.

44.6 seconds to play in the second: Lewiston with some pressure late, but Vancouver still dominating play. Vancouver still with no PP pressure, though. Lewiston has killed all three Giants’ PPs off.

4:36 to play in the second: Lewiston will be shorthanded after a hooking call behind the play to Michal Korenko.

5:41 to play in the second: Lewiston’s Triston Manson goes in on a partial breakaway, and gets a pretty good shot off to the top right corner. Tyson Sexsmith made the glove save in Statue of Liberty fashion.

7:59 to play in the second: Maineiacs catch a break on an icing call. Faceoff to Sexsmith’s right.

10:03 to play in the second: Lewiston is being outplayed and outhit, but the Maineiacs are hanging tough. Vancouver has held the Maineiacs to 9 total shots on goal to this point, outshooting Lewiston 20-9.

13:02 to play in the second: Lewiston goes shorthanded with a penalty to Sevastien Piche. Vancouver’s second chance on the PP.

13:58 to play in the second: Lewiston is back on its heels as Vancouver keeps up some intense pressure against the Maineiacs. Still, though, 1-0 Maineiacs.

15:47 to play in the second: Both teams have had solid chances. Both goalies have come up big. Lewiston is now 0-for-2 on the PP.

19:59 to play in the second: The teams are back on the ice and are back underway. Lewiston still has 1:49 on a power play after a boarding call late in the first to J.D. Watt.

After one period of play, the Giants have had the better chances, have hit a bit harder and spent a few more seconds inside the Maineiacs’ zone, but the Maineiacs are ahead 1-0 thanks to a David Perron tip-in goal from Pierre-Luc Faubert. Jonathan Bernier has made 13 saves.

10.7 seconds to play in the first: Stefan Chaput was back on the ice, but Chris Tutalo went down, hit hard from behind by J.D. Watt. Tutalo lay on the ice for a few seconds before getting up gingerly. Watt has been penalized for boarding.

1:55 to play in the first: Stefan Chaput goes down in a heapo after Chad Denny hit him in the ankle with his booming shot from the left point while Chaput waited for the tip in front of the Vancouver net.

2:51 to play in the first: Maineiacs and Giants get into a tussle near the Giants’ bench. Penalties to Triston Manson of Lewiston and Tim Kraus of Vancouver. Lewiston gets the PP, though, with an extra penalty to the bench for too many men on the ice.

5:38 to play in the first: Faceoff to come in the Vancouver zone after a close icing call went against the Giants. Media timeout No. 3.

6:37 to play in the first: Sebastien Piche saved a goal after Jonathan Bernier misplayed a puck off the back boards. Piche swept the puck into the corner, out of harm’s way.

8:04 to play in the first: Lewiston and Vancouver each just had cases to make for tripping calls against the opposition on plays inside the offensive zone, but neither call was made. Second media timeout of the period.

10:06 to play in the first: Lewiston continues to pressure Vancouver into some mistakes, and Bernier is again on top of his game. Sexsmith mad a solid stop on Faubert.

14:12 to play in the first: David Perron is on the scoresheet, and the Maineiacs have a 1-0 lead. Pierre-Luc Faubert outworked Milan Lucic on the right boards and fed Perron in front. Perron tipped the puck past Tyson Sexsmith.

15:13 to play in the first: Lewiston killed off the PP thanks to a tremendous left pad save by Bernier, and another glove save by defenseman Michal Korenko.

18:10 to play in the first: Lewiston will take the first penalty of the game as Marc-Andre Daneau played the puck with a broken stick. Vancouver to the power play.

19:59 to play in the first: Lewiston and Vancouver are under way.

The teams’ scratches have been announced: Lewiston will skate without captain Marc-Andre Cliche, defensemen Marc-Andre Crete and Patrick Cusack, and forward Alex Beaton. Vancouver’s scratches include Neil Manning, Evander Kane, Garet Hunt, Nolan Toigo and Mike Wucherl.

5:00 to go until game time: The seats at the Pacific Coliseum have each been draped with a white Vancouver Giants’ rally towel, and more and more of those are disappearing from view as spectators filter in. Crews have started to roll out the red carpets for the flag bearers and anthem singer.

20:00 to faceoff: The teams have vacated the ice from warmups, leaving the rink staff to manicure the ice one more time before the two 1-0 teams in the Memorial Cup tournament square off in their second game of the tournament. Lewiston got goals Saturday from Eric Castonguay, Sebastien Piche and Stefan Chaput in a 3-1 win over Medicine Hat. Goaltender Jonathan Bernier made 30 saves on 31 shots.

Vancouver charged out of its dressing room and onto the ice, and appears to have good tempo in warmups. Lewiston tested Jonathan Bernier, too, with shots from all angles, not unlike what he faced against Medicine Hat in Saturday’s opener. Faceoff is about 25 minutes away.

The energy at the Pacific Coliseum on Sunday was heightened. More than 12,000 fans showed up to watch Lewiston defeat Medicine Hat, 3-1, in the teams’ Memorial Cup opener Saturday. More than 16,000 are expected at Sunday’s game, pitting the two 1-0 teams in the tournament against each other.

The host Vancouver Giants won in overtime in Friday’s opener, 4-3 over the Plymouth Whalers. With its team at 1-0, and with an early afternoon weekend start, the city’s fans are buzzing.

The Lewiston Maineiacs’ bus ride to the Pacific Coliseum this morning was silent. The team pulled out of the Marriott-Pinnacle hotel in downtown Vancouver at 10:40 a.m., nearly three hours ahead of their scheduled 1:30 p.m. game time.

The bus took 20 minutes to cross the city to the old NHL rink, and you could count the number of total words spoken on two hands — most of those came from head coach Clem Jodoin speaking to the bus driver.

The players had their I-pods and assorted other MP3 players cranking, and a mish-mash of music blended together by the time the soundwaves hit the front end of the bus.

At the rink, the team walked in as television cameras documented their arrival. Chris Tutalo carried his own video camera, apparently making his own documentary of the team’s experience in Vancouver.

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