On May 10, the Jay School Committee showed what it believes is important in the education of Jay students:

Eliminating teaching staff and programs that benefit students.

Padding salaries of administrators, who say they are underpaid.

Raising wages of administrative assistants, who are housed somewhere in the Jay School Department’s bowels.

How about performing both actions on the same night, without shame?

How many graduates of Jay High School could be found that felt that learning about automotives and working on cars and other machinery was valuable, not only for future endeavors, but as motivation for continuing their educational pursuits? How many studied business courses, using them as a springboard to a career? How often did the library technician assist a classroom in their use of media equipment, or in research assignments? Will the new computer coordinator take over some of these intense contacts with students and staff?

Our educational technicians have been involved in arduous negotiations with the school committee and superintendent for some time. Might not those administrative raises, given so charitably in a mere 10 minutes or less at last Thursday’s meeting, have been given to the ed techs who work everyday with children?

These acts by the school committee are incredibly badly timed and a poor showing of public relations toward the citizens of Jay, the employees of the Jay School Department and the children for whom they are responsible. The Jay Education Association is outraged over this attitude and behavior.

Michael Henry, Jay, president, Jay Education Association

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