LEWISTON – Slovak Catholic Association League, May 17 standings: Bob Lally-Karl King, 6; Armand Marcouiller-Glen Gamrat, 5; Paul Eastman-Paul Brunelle, 4; Stan Doughty-Bob Wilcox, 3.5; Ron Budesheim-Jim Lavallee, 3.5; Marty Roop-Red Lachance, 3; Tom Brunelle-Ken Withers, 2.5; Ralph Thompson-Chris Ridley, 2.5. Low gross, A Flight: Paul Eastman, Mike Bowie, 41; Randy Ferrence, 42. B Flight: Jim Lavallee, 50; Paul Brunelle, 51; Glen Gamrat, 52. Net: Randy Ferrence, 31; Jim Lavallee, 33. Low team gross: Eastman-Brunelle, 92; Budesheim-Lavallee, 93. Low team net: Budesheim-Lavallee, 67; Eastman-Brunelle, 71.

Paris Hill

PARIS – The second annual Paris Hill Open is scheduled for June 17, open to everyone. Entry fee is $25. Guaranteed $150 to the low gross winner.

Thursday Night Scramble, May 17: 1. Mike Cloutier, Bill Gates, Perry Baker, Judy Knight, 29.

Thursday Senior Point Quota: 1. Charlie Williams, +1; 2. Doug Miles, even.

Sunday Scramble, May 20: 1. Cacy Cantwell, Bryan Litchfield, Theresa Kissick, Tyler Cantwell, 32.

Sunday Buckfield Junior Class Scramble: 1. Dick Jones, Matt Lowell, Jim Reid, John Lowell, 58; 2. Steve Bly, Denny Bly, Tim Litchfield, Bryan Litchfield, 60; 3. Rick Jones, Randy Jones, Jerry Buswell, Josh Jones, 61. Consolation prize, Rodney Allen, Kyle McAffery, Charles Berry, Norman H., 74.

Fox Ridge

AUBURN – Tuesday Ladies League, May 15, game of week “drop your worst hole”: A Flight, Sharon Buckley; B, Audrey Fillion; C, Paula Dubois; D, Lynne Dostie; E, Pat Roy. Top teams: Seven, Gelinas-Sibley; Five, Dostie-Dostie; Six, Emmi-Michaud.


AUBURN – Satuday’s Individual Point Quota: 1. John Masters, +1; 2. Tim Jordan, -4; 3. Steve Jordan, -5. Skins, gross, Terry Ricker #1, #10; Tim Jordan #5, #12; John Masters #8, #16, #16; Jim Hood #17.

New Member Scramble, May 20: 1. Curt Jordan, Mike Wolfe, Tom Ray, Donna Lamb, 63; 2. Mark Rock, Paul D. Roy, Chris Brann, Brenda Welch, 64; 3. tie, Jeff Gosselin, Sandi Piper, Dennis Lee, Lena Hartley; and Sam Evrard, Dick Bornstein, Ed Cormier, Nina Bartlett, 65; 5. Matt Nicole, Rich Tremblay, Maurene Mayo, Linda Thibault, 66 (MC). Skins: Curt Jordan, Mike Wolfe, Tom Ray, Donna Lamb, #3; Mark Rock, Paul D. Roy, Chris Brann, Brenda Welch, #11. Long drive, men, Scott Lever; seniors, Marty Dow; women, Janet Nelson. Pins: #4, Janet Nelson, 8’5″; #9, Paul D. Roy, 15’11”; #11, Roy, 4’8″; #17, Pat Kordalski, 3’11”.

MSGA tourneys

Following are results from the Maine State Golf Association tourneys:

AT SEARSPORT: Gross: Mike Norris, 70; Jerry Glidden, 72; Ray Hawley, 72 (MC). Net: Steve Sudsbury, 80-63; Dennis Demmons, Sr., 82-63; Dennis Demmons, Jr., 75-65.

Super Seniors: gross, Dana Worster, 78; net, Hal Stewart, 78-68.

Best Ball: gross, Rusty Johnstone, Brad Robinson, Ray Hawley, Jerry Glidden, 65; net, Dave Clifford, Barney Smith, Billy Milliken, Stephen Geel, 75-55.

Pins: Mitch Perry, #6, 8′.5″; Hal Stewart, #9, 2’11”; Mike Norris, #15, 5’8″; Ray Hawley, #18, 11’4″.

Skins: gross, Kent Johnson, Mitch Perry, Eric Hutchinson; net, Stephen Geel, Stan Commeau, Brett Fancy.

AT SPRING MEADOWS: CLASS A: Gross: Ricky Jones, 68; Steve Lycette, Keith Patterson, Marc Siewertsen, 72; Scott Dewitt, Joe Alverez, 73. Net: Dan Atkinson, 76-68; Doug Self, 77-68; Vance Gray, 75-69; Brandon Marcotte, 76-69; Rick Cote, 78-70; Bob Blais, 78-70 (MC).

CLASS B: Gross: Brian Henderson, 77; Arnie Benner, 79; Greg Bubier, 80; Doug Craib, 81; Zak Sclar, Dave Willette, 82. Net: Dick Fernald, 79-67; Tom Thompson, 80-68; Scott Eldridge, 82-68; Leon Lindquist, 83-70; Jerry Johnson, 83-70; Tony Linkovich, 85-71.

CLASS C: Gross: Vic Gaudreau, Norm Fournier, Rex Smith, John Cunningham, Doug Prevost, 87; Gordon Smith, 88 (MC). Net: Tom Blake, 91-65; Frank Reynolds, 91-69; John Herbst, 89-70; Wade Trudel, 93-70; Dan Wentworth, 91-70; Dave Marston, 88-70.

SUPER SENIORS: Gross: Eric Hayward, Lowell Watson, 76; Terry MacMillan, 82. Net: Paul Descoteau, 84-72; Chris Stratos, 90-73; Denny Siewertsen, 83-74.

4-BALL: Gross: Vance Gray, Jeff Wass, Joe Alverez, Rick Jones, 62; Bob Adams, Tom Bean, Jim Quinn, Scott Dewitt, 63; Doug Self, Andy Fournier, Steve Lycette, Dave Willette, 64; Eric Hayward, Ron Brown, Jr., Marc Siewertsen, Denny Siewertsen, 66. Net: Ray Ross, Ted Jala, Gordon Smith, Pat Mitchell, 57; Ashley Fifield, Dave Labbe, Dick Fernald, Shawn Casey, 58; Greg Bubier, Scott Bubier, Roger Rioux, Jeff Keene, 58; Arnie Benner, Tom Blake, Bill Cloutier, Stu Gerow, 58; Jerry Johnson, Mark Stevens, Bob Vedder, Leon Lindquist, 59; Brian Henderson, Ray Convery, Gary Bourisk, Brandon Marcotte, 59 (MC).

SKINS: Friday: gross, Zak Sclar, Rick Cote, Scott Jones; net, Wade Trudel, Steve Bentley, Vic Gaudreau. Saturday: gross, Mert Dearnley, Steve Lycette; net, Tim Dow, Doug Self, Gordon Smith, Brian Henderson.

PINS: Friday: Jack Milo, #4, 9’2″; Phil Bilodeau, #6, 7’5″; Bob Blais, #13, 3’5″; Bob Kent, #16, 3’7″. Saturday: Tim Dow, #4, 1’6″; Bud Solari, #6, 4’3″; Dave Chambers, #13, 3’5″; Topper West, #16, 1’1″.


LEEDS-ABC Computer Draw, May 20: gross, Ken Carver, Gaetan Bolduc, Dave Morin, 72; net, Dick Therrien, Rick Carlton, David Cowan, 56. Skins: gross, Brandon Marcotte, Dave Morin (2), Jeff Marcotte, Peter Provencher, Gaetan Bolduc (2), Dick Therrien; net, Jeff Marcotte, Peter Provencher, Gaetan Bolduc (2), Richard Howard, Richard McCrossin, Dick Therrien. Pins: #2, Bob Cochran, 10’9″; #8, Dave Morin, 20′; #13, Morin, 5’1″; #15, Howard, 9’7″.

Spring Meadows

GRAY – ABCD Blind Draw Members Scramble: gross, Travis Gilmore, Ed Doughty, Dave Marston, Shirneen Callahan, 61; net, Don Cobb, Rod Legere, David Bangs, 63-54.1. Pins: #4, Mike LeCante, 31’4″; #6, Travis Gilmore, 8’10.5″; #13, Sean Foye, 8’4″; #16, Rick Oliver, 15′.

Wilson Lake

WILTON – The first Member-Member Tournament will be held May 27, gross, net and points. Players must register by Friday at noon.

Thursday Night Men’s League registration ends this week. League play begins on June 7 at 5:15 p.m.

Memorial Day Morning Gangbusters will begin at 8 a.m.. There will not be a “Gangbusters” group at 12 noon that day.

Club Championship

BELGRADE – Following are results from the Maine State Golf Association Club Team Championship held Sunday at Belgrade Lakes GC:

Gross: 1. Bangor Muni, Alan Anderson, Tom Caron, Jim Greer, Dana Worster, 135; 2. Augusta 1, Jason Gall, Ryan Gay, Mark Plummer, Jim Quinn, 136. Net: 1. Springbrook, Sid Cohen, K. Trent Murphy, Rick Newbauer, Brad Pattershall, 142-126; 2. Fox Ridge, Ricky Blouin, Mike Fortin, Jon Mercier, Mark Turner, 152-127.

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