AUBURN – Pat’s Pizza League, May 17 standings: Team Five, 45; Three, 40; One, 36; Two, 25; Four, 25. Low net, Chuck Drinkwater, 27.6; closest to the pin #3, second shot, Rob Robbins, 6′; 50-50, Roland Levesque; Pat’s certificate, Ron Bolduc. Line-up for May 24: 2 vs 5, 1 vs 3, 4 vs 6, back 9.

Maine Seniors

AUBURN – Following are results from the Maine Seniors’ Golf Association tourney held May 21 at Fox Ridge:

Overall Gross: Dale Brown, James Quinn, Ron Blanchette, 74. Class AAA (80+): gross, Charles Leveroni, 87; Stan Plummer, 88; net, Wally Camp, 72; Hank Hancock, 74; George Ellis, Arthur Greco, Wendell Johnson, Carroll Taylor, Robert Walker, 76. Class AA (75-79): gross, Frank Langlois, 83; Ray Patenaude, 86; net, Bob Gold, 72; W. David Verrill, Don Fischer, 73. Class A (70-74): gross, Al Noyes, 81; Joe Morse, 82; net, Dick Calcagni, Peter Kendrick, 70; Jim Costello, John Curry, 72. Class B (65-69): gross, Laddie Deemer, 77; John Haynes, 81; net, Dick Wyse, Warren Kessler, Mike Eaton, 71. Class C (55-64): gross, Chip Morrison, 75; Paul Pelletier, 77; net, Don Logan, 66; Marcel Chasse, 67; Bruce Livingston, 69. 4-Ball: gross, 1. tie, Mike Tiner, Paul Pelletier, Neil Mayo, Ron Blanchette; and Dale Brown, Laddie Deemer, John Turner, John O’Malley, 67; net, John Parkhurst, John Curry, Don Logan, Norm Niles, 56; Chan Bearce, Paul Auger, Tom Keefer, Jerry Applebee, 60.

Poland Spring

POLAND – Twilight League Sweeps: gross, 1. Larry Ross, 36; 2. Roger Bernier, 37; 3. Tom Schultz; low net, 1. Frank Hotham, 28; 2. Tyler Trenholm; 3. Brian Briggs. Closest to the pin #6, Dave Conley, 9’3″. League low gross, Larry Ross, 36; net, Frank Hotham, 28; Tyler Trenholm, 29. Closest second shot on #12, Larry Ross, 8’2″.

MSGA starters

SANFORD – Following are starters for the Maine State Golf Association Senior Only Event slated for May 24 at Sanford CC:

7:30, Steve Wojtysiak, Ed Schencks, Jr., Allen Patterson; 7:40, Denny Siewertsen, Eric Hayward, Terry MacMillan, Robbie Lee; 7:50, Terry Bowditch, Carlton Demmons, Paul Young; 8:00, Marty Duffy, John Roberts, Bill Obermeyer, Wes Phillips; 8:10, Vic Gaudreau, John S. Ober, Jim Surette, Jim Stone; 8:20, Vic Nunan, Alan Bouchard, Jocko Emerson, Paul Pelletier.

8:30, John Haynes, Joe Norton, Pete Sassano, Bob Turner; 8:40, John Cunningham, Bob Miniutti, Neil Peaslee, Terry Beane; 8:50, Jim Greer, Chris Neagle, Dana Worster, Norm Russell; 9:00, Dave Child, Bob Soule, Charlie Swett, Bill Weatherbee; 9:10, Rondel Reynolds, Bob Leeman, Tony Linkovich, Dick Lindsey; 9:20, Jack Milo, Ralph Noel, Jr., Paul Renaud, Bill Freedman; 9:30, Tom Donaldson, Bob Lemieux, John Palmer, Charles Swanson; 9:40, John Driscoll, Bob Farthing, Darrell Smith, Greg McCormack; 9:50, Frank Langlois, Dick Marshall, Al Noyes, Gordon Curry.

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