Puttin’ on the foil

Former NHL player Rick Tocchet pleaded guilty to running a sports gambling ring. Authorities dubbed the case “Operation Slapshot,” meaning had it gone to trial, the Hanson brothers would have been called to testify.

It’s the cops’ fault

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis has apologized for comments he made on a radio show about Cincinnati police possibly profiling his players. Given the team’s ever-growing police blotter, perhaps Mr. Lewis should consider doing a little profiling himself.

Blame Bjame

Former cyclist Bjarne Riis admitted he used performance-enhancing drugs during his 1996 Tour de France victory. “The only effect I had was that I rode faster,” Riis said. Oh, I thought the drugs were to keep your butt from chafing. Carry on then.

It’s 90 degrees, let’s watch hockey

As anti-climatic as the Maineiacs trip to the Memorial Cup was, imagine what the Stanley Cup finals are going to be like. Can anybody confirm the rumor that they’ll be starting on Aug. 7 and will be broadcast on C-SPan III?

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