Around the first of January, as I made my monthly trip to Mid Maine Waste Action Corp. to drop off my recyclables, I found that the truck that received these was missing. I was informed that Auburn had taken the truck, as it did not meet inspection standards. No other explanation was forth coming.

Some time later I called MMWAC to see if it were now accepting recyclables. I was informed the truck was not back. I then asked why it could not put the large plastic bins back that were used for many years. I was told that “Auburn had taken those, also.”

I then called Auburn Public Works to see what was in the works (no pun intended). I was told they “were working on it.”

Later on, I sent a letter to the mayor’s office to see if he could speed things up. I never received a response.

Now, here it is five months since MMWAC took in recyclables. What concerns me is that I, and others like me who have over the years religiously recycled, have no place to do so and may no longer participate, given the seeming lack of interest of public officials to that endeavor.

I find it interesting that MMWAC could not put out a few bins to compensate for the lack of the truck. Possibly that solution is too simple for the powers that be, who do everything in a grandiose manner.

Sad, isn’t it.

Richard Jensen, Minot

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