BATH – The Edward Little throwers could be easily spotted at Saturday’s KVAC track and field championships. The pack of beefy young men sauntered around together from event to event, clapped as one when a teammate was competing and even stood together on the victory podium.

They were expected to dominate the three throwing events, but on Saturday they owned them. The throwers combined for 86 points which was just six points behind runner-up Brunswick’s overall score.

Up first was the discus. Senior captain Brian Depres’ toss of 148-4 beat teammate Matt Vienott by over 20 feet. Five of the six scorers wore EL maroon. Next was the shot put. With every teammate clapping every EL attempt, the Red Eddies swept the scoring led by Matt Harmon and runner-up Depres.

In the discus, Troy Barnies took his turn atop the podium with three other teammates joining him to collect ribbons.

“It’s crazy,” said Harmon. “We’ve talked about it all year. I think two people in any event is one thing, but to sweep an event is great. We knew we had a decent (group) and we knew we had something special, but we didn’t know how special.”

The make up of the throwing unit is unique. Depres and Harmon share the role of senior leadership. Travis and Troy Barnies bring success from the basketball court while Mat Vienot brings a senior’s savvy. Sophomores Jacob Dubois and Dylon Therien comprise the future for the EL throwers. Senior Cam Leary turned in a personal best in the javelin and finished third Saturday. These eight throwers all scored at the meet.

“It’s hard to imagine one team that’s done better than them today,” said EL coach Ryan LaRoche. “Success breeds success. With Nate Chantrill and Brian Depres last year helped developed them into a team. It’s six that can score on any given day. It’s something you see every two decades.”

The throwing unit is also coached by Jon Staples and former state discus and shotput champion Mike Smith. Staples spends most of the time with them.

“It’s just amazing,” said Staples. “They’re at practice every day and work harder than any team. The way they cheer each other on and pat each other on the back makes you proud. This year the talent just happened to come together.”

Staples sees Depres and Harmon as assistant coaches. When Staples can’t be at practice, the two don’t need any direction. It’s grab your rock and let’s get to work.

“Brian and I spent the first week of the season helping the others with just their technique,” said Harmon. “We didn’t even pick up a shot put until the third week. Practice for us is fun and there’s not a day that goes by without us leaving practice sore.”

At next week’s state meet, the success of the eight throwers will be a key to the Red Eddies’ chances of winning the overall crown.

“You can rely on your top dogs to score in the states,” said LaRoche. “If you can get two or three to get a point here or two points there, it can be the difference in the meet.”

Just like the eight were the difference Saturday.

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